Top Help Desk Software for your business

One of the toughest aspects of working with customers is the extreme imprevisible workflow. You don’t know what type of case you are going to take when on the frontline or how long it will take to deal with it. Some cases were solved in minutes during my time as a HubSpot Support Team, others could take several hours only to identify the problem.

  1. HubSpot’s Service Hub

HubSpot’s Service Hub tier offers a full set of support desks and ticket management tools that support nearly all your customer service staff functions. The tools include basic knowledge, live chat, central messaging and even bots. The service software of HubSpot facilitates the expansion of your customer service team bandwidth for companies without having to employ new staff.

What makes HubSpot Service Hub unique is that its tools can be integrated into your CRM software. During a chat, a rep can collect the contact details of a customer and view not only their personal information but their prior commitments to the company. This helps personalize the experience of customer service since Reps understand the historic relationship between your customer and your brand.

  1. Agiloft

Agiloft first was regarded as an internal help desk software but quickly became a favorite for support teams oriented towards customers. It offers a portal through which users can submit requests any time of the day. If staff are unavailable, the service records the query and sends an immediate response to a self-service solution before a rep will monitor the case.

Another important characteristic of Agiloft is that it offers more complex long-term management solutions for cases. If a case is opened too long and needs to be extended, the software launches proactive alerts. For customer service teams SaaS that handle high volumes of technical assistance calls, which often lead to monitoring, this is significantly useful.

  1. Freshservice

Freshservice is a software-based on cloud help, which includes a database for configuration management. This database stores relevant information on hardware and software components used in the IT services of the company. To find self-serving responses to common product blocks, customers and employees may access this database.

Freshservice has features which enable users to track and priority cases over different customer service channels and automate them. It covers e-mail, telephone, self-service and support media in person. The software helps manage open cases with a user-friendly catalog that makes it easier for employees to select the means of communication with which they want to work.

  1. Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk is an advance ticket management system which includes a multi-channel help desk. Incoming ticketing can be handled through telephone, web, e-mail, chat and social media. This multi-channel coverage facilitates an all-round experience for brands.

Zoho Desk offers a cool feature, a widget tool that you can embed on your website. When loaded into a browser, the widget becomes a support form that customers can fill out for help. You can detail your problem and request a preferred channel for communication.

This form not only makes access to your support team easier but also allows reps to analyze these incoming requests and find a solution before reaching them. This improves both the rate of first call resolution and customer satisfaction considerably.

  1. Spiceworks

Spiceworks is a ticketing system that helps companies handle customer and internal tasks. It provides a one-off download for users of their help desks from a desktop or mobile device. This simplifies the management of incoming requests by customer service teams over hours.

One interesting feature Spiceworks offers is an integration in inventory management that can assist your team in controlling existing product orders. It uses an IP scanner to locate orders and notifies the representative of the progress of the order. Reps can transmit this information to the customer proactively so that they know that delivery delays are occurring.

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