Tired of period cramps? Hit treadmill

WASHINGTON D.C.: Tired of period cramps? You might want to hit the treadmill. According to a recent study, a treadmill exercise regime can reduce period pain and improve long-term quality of life.

As part of the study, researchers conducted a trial over a seven-month period to see how treadmill exercise benefited women suffering from primary dysmenorrhea, commonly known as period pain.

Women aged between 18 and 43 were asked to take part in a supervised aerobic training regime three times a week for four weeks, beginning the day after the end of their menstrual period, followed by an unsupervised home exercise for six months. Their results were compared with a control group, who carried out their usual regimes.

The study found that the women who took part in the supervised exercise reported 6 percent less pain after four weeks and 22 percent less pain with continuing the exercise for an additional six months.


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