HIV outbreak in Pakistan

RATODERO: ‘In the past two months, 681 people including 537 children aged 2 to 12 years are infected with HIV’ says the CNN quoting the Pakistani government.

The rural village of Allah Dino Seelro appears to have HIV-AIDS infection to epidemic proportion. Ratodero, a district of 330,000 in Pakistan’s southeast Sindh province has been put on high alert by Pakistani authority as infection can spread to other parts of the country.

Naseem Salahuddin, the head of the infectious disease department at the Indus Hospital in Karachi in southern Pakistan holds use of ‘unsafe needles’ responsible for HIV infection. Ratdodero is only witnessing more numbers of HIV infected people but other parts in Pakistan are also infected, says Salahuddin.

A Research published in 2005 found the trend of overuse of injections in the Sindh province of Pakistan as people believed that that injected drugs or drips work better than pills, salahuddin said. HIV infection spreads mainly due to transfusions of unscreened blood, unprotected sex, or injections.


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